Poster presentations

Participants will view posters during coffee and lunch breaks. Presenters are encouraged to be at their posters during coffee breaks, but this is not mandatory. Official poster session will be held on Tuesday, May 15, between 17:00 and 18:30 hour.

Poster allocation is presented bellow (click for a better resolution and a poster list)

Posters must be brought to the Conference by the presenting author and should not be mailed in advance. The required dimensions are 95 cm (width) by 140 -180 cm (height). At the top of poster, please provide the title of the paper, names of the authors and their affiliations, all in bold lettering of about 2.5 to 3 cm size. Artwork and lettering should be large and clear enough so that the poster is readable from a distance of 1.5 m.
Poster sample
Required poster header and footer are available in a .ppt poster template available here

Poster Number
Poster numbers will be provided by the Congress and will be available on your poster board.

Scotch tape will be provided to attach posters to the boards.

Mounting and Removal: (Posters will be displayed in the Foyer II all the time during the Conference).
Room: Foyer II
Mounting time: Sunday, May 13 from 16.00 – 19.00 or Monday, May 14 from 8.00 – 9.00
Removal time: Wednesday, May 16 from 17.00 – 19.00

*Presenters are responsible for the removal of their poster. Posters not removed by the indicated time above will be discarded at the end of the Conference. The Conference Secretariat cannot accept liability for lost or damaged posters and will not mail posters to authors after the Conference.